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Why Choose Us?

High Knowledge CPA + Consultants is a cannabis CPA firm working with all types of marijuana businesses including growers, dispensaries, and retailers nationwide.

If you own a legal cannabis business getting customers won’t be a problem. Finding a trusted financial partner who has High Knowledge and is committed to being in the industry? Totally different ballgame. High Knowledge CPA + Consultants has the expertise to take the weight of tax and accounting off your back and ensure you are always audit/investor ready! We want to help you focus your time in what matters the most- growing your cannabis business. Our team is passionate, credentialed, and reliable. We are available when you need us.

To learn more about how our accounting solutions can benefit your marijuana business, call 646-922-5683 now or request your free consultation online.

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Here is What our Firm Offers Cannabusiness Owners We Work With:

Improved Cash Flow: Tax planning, customer ideas, budgeting, cannabis 280e compliance, improved cash forecasting, strategic planning, acquisition or lending support, better operational analytics and more.

World Class Accounting and Reporting: Monthly tied-out trial balances and reconciliations, financial documents, accounting, tax, banking, legal documents, payroll/HR docs, insurance docs etc. will be on your cloud and will be available all the time/ any time! This will create huge value when the company interacts with investors, lenders, state auditors and IRS.

Lower Taxes: Did you know GAAP Cost Accounting is required to be performed all year (not just year-end at tax prep time) for you to maximize your tax deductions under IRC 471-11? These deductions are not allowed if you are not doing this, and it’s likely you aren’t as well as 90% of business owners aren’t doing any cost accounting periodically.

Expertise: We know accounting & tax, we know finance, and we know operations. Our national network of cannabis accounting, tax and legal experts covers bookkeeping, controller, CFO, tax planning and tax prep.

Peace of Mind: We implement accounting procedures & processes that will “self-check/fix errors”, building better financials, getting tax prep work completed on time, reviewing State seed to sale traceability compliance processes and more so you can “sleep better at night”.

Availability: Many of our competition/CPAs are extremely unavailable and even when they call you back, they will be charging you for every 15 minutes. Additionally, they usually don’t specialize in your niche and haven’t worked in the industry. We will turn emails around within one day and are always available for calls. We are here when you need us.

Meet the Founders

Sonya Moreno


Sonya graduated from New Mexico State University, with a Bachelors of Business Administration; major in Finance and a MBA from Webster University. She started her accounting career working for the industry leading accounting firm Deloitte, LLP as an Audit and Assurance Manager. She gained over 20 years of accounting and finance experience serving Fortune 500 and emerging companies in highly regulated industries. Her professional accounting and finance experience focused in auditing, internal controls, GAAP financial reporting and compliance. This included CFO consulting, to provide meaningful financial reports for strategic planning to improve company performance. Sonya has been a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) for over 13 years in multiple states including Nevada, New York and her home state Texas.

Ernie Moreno


Ernie graduated from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business with a Bachelors of Business Administration; major in Finance. He has gained over 15 years of financial services and operations experience in various industries with his heart and soul in the cannabis industry. His passion has always been to become entrepreneurs and use the experience gained in Corporate America to add value to small businesses by helping them to save costs, stay compliant, and save time so they could focus on running their core businesses. He prides himself in continued involvement to the cannabis community and educating others who also want to thrive in the industry. His experience has taught him the importance of keeping up with the regulatory changes to ensure business owners remain successful.

Sonya and Ernie continue their passion for providing financial literacy to the cannabis industry.