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CFO services

The financial expertise of a CFO can go a long way to make your marijuana business thrive but you may not have the resources to hire one full-time. High Knowledge CPA + Consultants offers outsourced CFO services for all types of cannabis industry businesses including growers, dispensaries, and retailers. Working with us is the economical way to access the financial advice you need improve business performance and increase profits. Beyond general accounting and bookkeeping, our insights and ideas will help get your business to the next level.

As your CFO, we’ll dig deep into your financials to unlock the potential of your business. We’ll analyze your accounting functions to pinpoint deficiencies and identify solutions. Together, we’ll implement accounting policies, procedures, and internal controls that reduce risk, keep you compliant with government regulations, and get your financials ready for investors. With our guidance, you'll see beyond the numbers to make the right financial moves for your business.

Call us now at 646-922-5683 and set up an appointment so we can learn more about your business goals and discuss ways to achieve them. You can also request your free consultation online.

Cannabis CFO Services

  • Creation of accounting policies and procedures
  • Establishing internal controls
  • Investor-ready financials
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Strategic business planning
  • Liaison between banks, attorneys, buyers
  • Raising capital
  • Due diligence